5 Best Cars for Beginners and Young Drivers

Things get tough especially for new drivers who are struggling to make the way for their vehicle in heavy traffic. So, before buying any car you must get trained properly and have a license to drive and own a vehicle. In this article, we will help you to find the best cars for new drivers so that driving in heavy traffic conditions or in tuff roads will be a little easier to drive. So be with us for a while.

We have listed out some of the top brands which are the best for newcomers and are comfortable and compact to run on tuff conditions:

  • Suzuki Swift

This is a perfect car for a beginner driver, this car is very compact in size but the design looks very premium. The controls are easy to use depending on the various models you buy. The latest model of Suzuki Swift will provide you with a mix of safety, style and comfort along with emergency brakes, power steering, electric windows make the best cars for new drivers.

  • Volkswagen Polo

This car is designed by the German Labour Front is also one of the top choices for new drivers. This might cost a little for buyers but the features and the compactness of this car will surely make you feel comfortable and safe while driving. The controls are easy to use, safety features are at the best.

  • Hyundai i10

This car is also one of the best-selling cars in India. Hyundai i10te will provide you with the latest technology features inside the car and make you feel premium. Driving in this car will also make you feel very smooth relax and comfortable in navigation. The best part of this car is it is relatively very cheap as compared to other compact cars which also makes this car the best choice for new drivers.

  • Datsun Go

This car was manufactured by Japanese automaker Nissan under its sub-brand Datsun. Designed with the most advanced technology and for tuff Indian road and traffic conditions, this is the best car for new drivers who are having limited experience driving on roads.

  • Maruti Alto K10

Priced between 3.4 to 4.3 Lakhs this car is one of the most affordable cars in recent times. Comes with a limited feature but this car has a solid compact design which is best to drive in heavy traffic conditions. This car comes with three variants in the market: LX, LXi and VXi.

If you are buying a car for the first time then you should be aware of all the information related to owning a car like a license, car insurance, etc. we have mentioned the best cars for new drivers which will surely help you to find the best that suits you. Hope you have liked this article and wish to see you soon and if you have any queries related to this article then be free to write in the comment sections below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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