Is BMW 335i Worth a Buy?

BMW 340i soon will be replaced by a newer version 340i.

The new version will have a different engine and also some minor tweaks will be given to chassis, steering, and suspension to give a more comfortable ride. But, at the same time buying the current model 335i will get lucrative because the automakers and dealers will slash prices of outgoing model.

They have to get rid of the older inventory to make way for new version and so will roll out lucrative offers. According to Senior Consumer Advice Editor Philip Reed, “A refreshed design of this iconic entry luxury car is coming later this year, pushing down prices on the soon-to-be-outdated model.

The major difference between the two models is the engine. The new engine makes 340i a tad faster, but the twin power N54 engine of 335i is still one of the best in the market. So the question that arises is- Whether one should wait for the newer BMW340i with perfectly smooth power delivery and exhaust note or go for ageing BMW335i. Despite being oldest in its class, it is still the best performer. It is definitely faster than every other car in its class and gives them tough competition in terms of handling. The significant cheap price and the lucrative offers from the dealers definitely make it a perfect buy.

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